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Dynasonics Inc 

A world-leading provider of ultrasonic Doppler flow meters with a line of insertion magnetic flow meter to oil/gas companies with allied industries.

Products includes:

Non Invasive Partially Filled Pipe Ultrasonic Flow meter Phase Shift Doppler Ultrasonic Flow meter Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow meter

AMOT Controls

Manufacturer’s of Controls and Instrumentation systems for industrial, oil & gas and marine industries. Products includes:

  • Instrumentation & Control Panels
  • Gas & Thermostatic Valves
  • Switches
  • Turbo machinery Controls

Static-O Ring (SOR) Inc

Manufacturers various type of switches ranging from DP Switch, Pressure, temperature, flow and nuclear switches for oil/gas industries, power plant and other industries.

C&D Technologies Inc

Manufacturers of back up batteries systems for telecommunication, switch gear room and industrials uses.


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